saturday 4 2017 - interactive screening lineup

6:30PM TANTALUM Interactive Screening (France) (FLORIDA PREMIERE)




Directed by Gilles Porte

France | 60 Minutes | 2016 | Colour

Politics - Sport - Corruption

TANTALE, directed by Gilles Porte is an Interactive features 5 different endings and 25 ways of getting there. It utilizes binaural (3D) sound, where the user must make a series of decisions, choosing between two possibilities each time, immersing themselves in the lavish world of TANTALE and directing the story according to their own choices.  


It is September 2017. Henri Laborde, President of the French Republic, arrives at the Hôtel Carlton. In the hotel’s plush corridors, delegates and officials confer, make promises and secretly speculate to decide which city will host the next Summer Olympics. Surrounded by his advisors, Henri Laborde enters the spacious elevator. Who should he see?

For once in the world of politics, you decide! You are the President of the French Republic. You will have to negotiate expertly to make sure that the next Olympic Games are awarded to Paris. The future of France, possibly the world, is in your hands.

Presented by Producer Jérémy Pouilloux (I Love Transmedia Festial)

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SUNDAY february 5 2017 - interactive screening lineup



Directed by Peter Middleton and James Spinney 

England | 90 Minutes | 2016 | Colour


In the early 1980s, after decades of steady deterioration, writer and academic John Hull lost his sight. To help him make sense of the ensuing upheaval in his life, he began to keep an audio diary. 

Based on these original recordings and his published diaries ‘Touching the Rock’, Notes on Blindness recreates Hull’s fascinating and deeply moving experiences through an immersive hybrid of documentary, dramatic reconstruction and highly sensory cinematic techniques and sound design. Sensitive, poetic and thought-provoking, the film charts Hull’s journey through emotional turmoil and spiritual crisis to a renewed perception of the world and the discovery of ‘a world beyond sight’. 

Notes on Blindness is an ambitious and groundbreaking work - both affecting and innovative - and one of the most essential British documentaries of the year.

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