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I'm Not Gonna Move to L.A. Documentary Edition

September 7th, FilmGate Miami invites you to attend our Short Documentary N.O.L.A! We'll be screening short docs from local Miami filmmakers. 


Dir: Juan Carlos Castaneda
Film: City of Sun

Dir: Kara McCormack
Film: Speak To Me

Dir: Ben A. King
Film: The Day After I Died

Dir: Joey Albano
Film: No Mustard

Dir: Denise De La Vega
Film: No Trespassing, The Art of Urban Exploration

Dir: Ani Mercedes
Film: Mary Ann

Dir:Andres Cuervo
Film: Caminante, no hay Camino

Dir: Oscar Collazos
Film: Old Fashion

Dir: Robert and Daleena Arbelo
Film: Put Your Lips Together and Blow

Dir: Orlando Adriani
Film: Joel Ostos, Real Human Being

Dir: Terence Price II and Reginald O'Neil
Summer Before Spring's End

Our Percolator event is the perfect chance to network with other creatives and meet your future colaborators.