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Virtual Reality Storytelling 101

Is Virtual Reality really the future of storytelling? Judging by how every major Festival is integrating the medium into their programming, it can definitely be true. Even if it's just another technology in your tool belt, VR presents an incredible opportunity to immerse your audience into your world and engage them in ways never possible before.

That's why FilmGate Miami is offering V.R. Storytelling 101, a workshop for anyone who wants to learn what goes into using V.R. to tell stories. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone from a creative background to make the first steps into creating virtual worlds. No prior knowledge of coding or programming is necessary. 

The now familiar image of someone's jaw dropping as they fix the black headset to themselves hold promise completely new way of telling stories. Be it on Oculus Rift or HTC Vive or any new headsets about to enter the market, to potential it holds for artists to connect with audiences is clear.

The tech is really impressive, especially when considering that we are in its infancy. If this is the future, get ready for it. 

In this beginner class, you will learn the principals behind creating your own 360/VR world, as well as how to tell an interactive story in VR. Participants should bring a wifi enabled smartphone in order to experience VR themselves.
Breakfast and coffee will be provided! 


Eric Cade Schoenborn

Eric Cade Schoenborn is a Miami based artist who blends design, technology and media to forge experiences that have engaged millions, online and offline, in a wide spectrum of mediums. Eric is co-founder of the innovative Pickathon Music Festival, in Portland, Oregon and lifelong media artist, programmer, designer and pioneer in applying creative communications, online community and digital tools to the needs of nonprofits, cultural institutions, advocacy organizations, musicians, journalists, artists, tastemakers, policy-makers, misfits, entrepreneurs and innovators worldwide.
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