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I'm Not Gonna Move to L.A. Horror Edition

October 19th, FilmGate Miami invites you to attend our Horror N.O.L.A! We'll be screening the scariest horror films from local Miami filmmakers. Free beer from Concrete Beach Brewery is always provided.

Our Percolator event is the perfect chance to network with other creatives and meet your future collaborators. 

Tickets: $11 in advance/ $14 at the door


Juan Carlos Cataneda, MAGOS (USA: 2016: 23 min: English)

Ruth Reitan, THE INTERLUDE (USA: 2016: 10 min: Enliglish)

Alexander Maxwell, AMERICANO (USA: 2016: 14 min: Portugese/English)

Jonathan & Michael Cuertas, KURU (USA:2016: 21:38min English)

Frederic Blake, DON'T WAKE DADDY (USA 2016, 3:04 min, English)

Troy Dovey, MR. ROGERS' MURDERHOOD, (USA, 5:30min, English)