2PM CONFESSIONS OF A WEB STAR capturing audiences with one minute storytelling with Instagram stars NATALIE ODELL, ADRIAN NARIO, JESSE LEWIS  and CHRISTOPHER IZZARABEL (DAY 2) FEB 5TH 2017

Natalie Odell
 Natalie is a 23 year old ethnically ambiguous actor/model out of Miami, Fl. Acting is Natalie's passion, but she has  a new found love for work behind the camera as well. She has been testing her hand at directing and producing for the last year. Her talent has attracted over 122,000 people to follow her social media platforms this past year. Her family and sheer love for the art is the heart of her drive. Natalie has been making her dreams a reality in the entertainment industry since the age of 16 . She has had opportunities to do movies, commercials, shows, theatre, published magazine shoots, and run way shows while living in Miami. Natalie says "I strive to be a positively engaged role model. She wants to be the type of woman that inspires people to become the best they can be no matter what obstacles they face in life. To watch Natalie's career continue to blossom or for inquiries follow her on social media. @Natalie.Odell
Favorite quote: Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone". -Neale Donald Walsch