3:30 PM MIT OPEN DOC LAB PRESENTS: INTERACTIVE AND NON LINEAR STORYTELLING  (DAY 2) FEB 5th 2017 with Beyza Boyacioglu (Zeki Müren Hotline) and Jeff Soyk (Zeki Müren Hotline, Hollow)

Jeff Soyk is an award-winning media artist with experience in creative direction, UI & UX design, HTML5/CSS3/JS, and film/video. His credits include art director, UI/UX designer and architect on Hollow (2013 Peabody winner), and creative director and UI/UX designer on PBS Frontline's Inheritance (2016 Emmy winner). Soyk has a BFA in New Media Design from R.I.T., an MFA in Media Art from Emerson College, and is an MIT OpenDocLab fellow.

Jeff Soyk

Design + Direction + UX

Creative Director | MIT STL LAB

Fellow at OpenDocLab