11AM The Future of Acting: with Tammy Green DAY 2 (FEB 5TH 2017)

Olivia Ormos, a Miami native is the founder and CEO of the full-service company OO&CO. OO&CO, is a marketing, events, talent management and public relations company known for producing large-scale events, building brand awareness, corporate sponsorship and celebrity development. Since 2009, the multi-media firm has organized the annual Model Beach Volleyball Tournament, Lifestyle Retreat Lounge during Miami Swim Week, Art Basel, Food & Wine Festival, Indianapolis 500, MTV Video Music Awards red carpet events, Pro Bowl & Super Bowl events nationwide.  Ormos represents a wide range of influencers, photographers, and videographers, OO&CO's clients include Keurig 2.0, Muzik headphones, the New York Rhinos, Dwayne Wade’s Fantasy Camp, messaging app Viber and many more.