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Let’s talk about death.

Is death terrifying, taboo or far in the future? Death can be more than that, only if we are willing to talk about it. The interactive documentary Death is ___aims to spark such conversations on death through an online experience. 

With Singapore’s aging population, the topic of death is gaining relevance and is important to address. However, a recent survey by the Lien Foundation revealed that although a majority (75%) of Singaporeans understand the importance of having conversations about death, only half of them have talked about it with their loved ones. 

This shows a clear inertia between understanding the importance of talking about death and actually taking action. 

To overcome this inertia and spark conversations, Death is ___ focuses on the interesting perspectives of people who deal with death every day. Through a collection of short videos, photos and articles, they share their views through the documentary’s four main themes on death – fearlessness, dignity, hereafter and memories. 

From teen courses on death rites to a group of cancer patients who accompany each other in their final days, we hope our subjects’ willingness to discuss death will inspire audiences to do the same.





STYKX Productions comprises four students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. With a predilection for dabbling in many different mediums at one time, the team believes in getting creative with mediums to tell a great story. 


Kai Ying Liu is the producer and text editor. She was responsible for all administrative duties and wrote the text in the documentary with Yvette. 
Sarah Thiam Jia Hui
is the video director and designer. She worked with Yuxin on the overall look of the site and created the hand-drawn illustrations. 
Yuxin Peh
is the video editor and web-development coordinator. She worked closely with our web developer, Boon Long, to piece the website together. 

Yvette Kan Yi Suan is the director of photography and infographics editor. She
conceptualized the infographics and wrote the text in the documentary with Kai Ying.