The interactive web documentary about those who sing to sell in Medellín, Colombia. A virtual tour through the work and personal universe of those who understand that lovers and customers are seduced by ear.

A documentary initiative dreamed up by Esaú, Juliana and Angela Carabalí; that transformed into an interactive web-documentary thanks to Thibault Durand’s talent, French computer specialist and co-director of the project along with Angela Carabalí, Colombian photographer and documentarian.

Pregoneros de Medellín is a reality thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), through the Crea Digital submission.

Synopsis (short)

Medellín’s soundscape is contrasting. In this city there are voices of all kinds, including urban shouting from street vendors. They understand that clientele, like lovers, are seduced by ear, and they commit to this in order to sell their products. The possibility offered by pregoneros de medellín is to tour the city to meet these vendors and confront their realities and problems. An interactive web documentary where the viewer/player engages in dialogue with the realities of informal workers who are rarely protagonists.

On the tour, the user chooses their pace and path, creating a unique film experience. They can go back or turn in specific points, and, from their chair, go to meet criers who will tell and sing a bit of their world. There are interviews, videos, photographs and sound recordings to which the player gains access in the order and the time they want.

The tour is performed with ears, eyes and of course with the heart.


Ángela Carabalí (

Documentary Photographer and Filmmaker. Audiovisual Communications graduate from University of Medellín (2007).

Winner of the Sin Formato National Award in the Photography category, awarded by the National Ministry of Culture with the documentary series "Edilma, years of miles and seeds." (Colombia 2008)

Winner of the Young Talents scholarship (Icetex), awarded with an International master in photography. EFTI School (Madrid 2011)

She currently lives in Colombia, and works in the photographic and audiovisual field around two main themes: street vendors and traditional Colombian Afro parties. She works as a photography professor in Medellín and coordinates photography training projects with young people from different regions.



He is a graduate Engineer from INSA in Lyon, France. Specialist in web technology and creating simple, intuitive and effective interfaces design.
Self-employed, in perpetual journey. The Pregoneros de Medellín project is a way to share his life experience in countries like Brazil and Colombia, where he has discovered and appreciated Latin America’s cultural richness...