Florida Film Community Meetup & Best of NOLA Screening

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016


O Cinema Miami Beach

“I’m Not Gonna Move to L.A.” (N.O.L.A.) is a monthly event that for the last three years has screened local shorts made in Florida under the same roof at independent art house O Cinema.  After a Q & A and rapid-fire trivia, the audience is asked to vote for their favorite film using some unorthodox devices. In a culmination of N.O.L.A. all-stars, the winners of the past months have been invited to O Cinema Miami Beach for a chance to win the grand prize, the Pink Kraken.

showing at best of im not gonna move to la


Barret Dennison/Luis Galvis- Black Card

April Dobbins- Cutter

Michael McWhorter- Things That Go Bump

Noah DeBonis- Posthomous

Vito Trupiano- Ocean Five    

Amanda Gates- Hacked

Carlos Andres Cuervo- JoJo

Egon von Schirach- Pineal Warriors

Andrew Garcia- Hollow Bodies